Olivia De Berardinis

Baby Tattooville 2013 Badge

We produced this badge in conjunction with Baby Tattooville for their 2013 weekend extravaganza. The edition was printed in two colors in intaglio with foil-stamped gold type on Rives BFK printmaking paper. Each Baby Tattooville attendee’s name was hand-lettered onto a badge by a professional calligrapher, with the badge serving as a name-tag throughout the event.

Olivia De Berardinis: Baby Tattooville 2013 Badge
Print size 3˝ × 4 ¾˝
Edition of 100
Intaglio printed in two colors on Rives BFK printmaking paper
Foil stamped in gold
Attendee’s name calligraphed in red ink
Signed and numbered by the artist